"Roe is the Floor, Not the Ceiling" Unisex Cotton T-Shirt

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Order your “Roe is the Floor, Not the Ceiling” T-shirt today to show your support for the movement to fight back and restore reproductive rights in this country.

Why do we say that Roe is the floor, not the ceiling? 

Because while Roe v. Wade kept abortion legal, it was still not accessible to everyone who needed it—particularly Indigenous people and people of color, poor communities, and trans and gender-nonconforming people. Immediately after Roe was decided in 1973, Republicans began plotting how to work around the decision with regulations called TRAP laws, which put ridiculous and unnecessary restrictions on abortion clinics in an effort to shut them down. Additionally, the Hyde Amendment blocks Medicaid from covering abortion services, further restricting access for marginalized communities. These restrictions were already unacceptable before the fall of Roe, and as we work to reinstate abortion rights across the country, we must push to remove these barriers to care as well. 

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it is crucial that we recognize our history and achievements, and also take stock of the moment that we are in. Since the fall of Roe, 18 states have banned abortion, and six more are attempting to do the same. It is up to all of us to come together, fight back, and protect abortion rights in every state across the country. 

Every dollar spent on this T-shirt will go directly to MoveOn’s work to restore abortion rights and defeat forced-birth extremists.

Artwork by Fanesha Fabre

Each T-shirt is 100% combed ring-spun cotton, U.S.-made, and union-printed.

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