Bookmark and Sticker Bundle: I Read Banned Books

$ 13.00


Across the country, book bans have risen dramatically over the past year, led by far-right politicians intent on stopping kids from learning about race, sexual orientation, gender identity, different cultures, or even just an unbiased history of our country.

Make no mistake: These are attempts by Republicans to wage a white supremacist culture war and march our country closer toward authoritarianism. We cannot, and will not, let it happen.

Order your “I Read Banned Books” bookmark and sticker bundle today and your donation will go directly toward our campaign to stop book bans and help us spread the word that you believe children should be accurately taught the history of this nation in schools.

Each bookmark is 2.125" x 6.5" and laminated. Each sticker is 3.75” x 3.75”. Both are proudly printed by union workers right here in the U.S. 

Each 5-pack contains five bookmarks and five stickers. Each 10-pack contains ten bookmarks and ten stickers.

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