"Warning: May Contain Banned Books" Tote Bag

$ 37.00

Across the country, book bans have risen dramatically over the past year, led by far-right politicians intent on stopping kids from learning about race, sexual orientation, gender identity, different cultures, or even just an unbiased history of our country.

MoveOn has launched a full-scale campaign to stop book bans, bans on the teaching of race in America, and other attempts by the right wing to take over our schools. To help spread the word, we're producing a limited batch of these "Warning: May Contain Banned Books" tote bags. Your donation will go directly toward our campaign to stop book bans and help us spread the word that you believe children should be accurately taught the history of this nation in schools.

Each canvas tote bag is 100% cotton, 17" x 15" with 12"-high handles, and is made by union workers right here in the U.S.A.

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