Nail the Vote Wraps

$ 15.00


Nail the Vote with MoveOn this election season! Art and culture are powerful vehicles to spread important messages, and MoveOn’s limited-edition nail wraps, produced in collaboration with TaskForce, will provide a proud, visible way to show your contribution to a progressive future. Choose from two designs, created by artist Ariel Wilson: “Floral,” which spells out V-O-T-E on the nails, or “Vote,” which has the phrase “Your Vote is Pwr.”

Wearing MoveOn’s nail wraps gives you a chance to multiply your vote with vote tripling, a tactic proven to multiply impact at the polls. Wear your nails, post a photo to social media using the hashtag #NailTheVote22, and tag three friends to ask them to vote! 

Every dollar you chip in will go directly toward MoveOn's work to elect progressive leaders who will fight for our rights and to defeat GOP candidates who are trying to strip them from us.

Pro tips: 

  • Use white polish as a base coat for a bolder look.
  • Use 5-free top coats or higher for the best results.

The wraps are made in Canada from ultra-thin vinyl as a base but also have nontoxic inks on top and a light cornstarch between the vinyl and backing paper. The cornstarch acts as a light adhesive when applying. The packaging on the wraps includes step-by-step application instructions.

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